New Bible Released
FiatMission Training Program in Kenya Another training program in Kenya was organized and some 12 participants were present. This is our Third successful training program held in Kenya. We continue to thank and pray for all those who have supported us in numerous ways.
Iraq Mission
With God's blessing and the support of your prayers I was able to go to Iraq recently and explore possibilities of starting an adoration center there. Was able to meet up with many Church Leaders, visit refugee camps, attend prayer meetings etc. In the Picture is Archbishop Bashar Matte Warda, C.SS.R. of Erbil, Iraq.
Fiat Magazine
Fiat magazine Nov and Dec 2014 issues have been published and dispatched. These magazines are freely distributed for the benefit of our subscribers and the cost of it circulation is purely on donations. Fiat Magazine is at the moment only in Malayalam. We are looking for a person who can translate Malayalam/English to Hindi, edit and do all DTP works for Fiat Amulya Magazine. Interested individuals may contact us for more details. We are working towards the English editions of both. If you have not already subscribed and wish to have a copy of any of the magazines, do send us your postal address or your email ID if you wish a soft copy of the magazines to Thank you for your prayers and support.
Scriptura, Bible Writing Competition 2016
The Bible Writing Competition is here again. Scriptura 2016, another opportunity for you to win a trip to Holy Land. Rules and Regulations: # The work should include the full New Testament only along with the headings and the chapter headers on the top right corner. No introductions and footnotes required. # It can be written in any language. # It must be the full New Testament (Mathew- Revelation) alone of any Catholic Edition, but prior information should be given as to which Edition is being used. Those writing in Malayalam should use the POC New Testament only. # It can be written on any paper and both sides of the paper can be used. # It must be handwritten and only by a single person. # It can be written with any ink. # It must be written only in one single column. Not in two columns as in most printed Bible. # The verse numbering must be on the left side of the margin. # The completed work must be spiral bounded and submitted to Fiatmission office address mentioned below before 20th Dec, 2016. # The decisions of the judging panel will be final and binding # Along with the completed work, please submit: *Bio-data,*Experience while writing the Bible, if any (in a few lines). # For further information and clarifications, please call between 11AM - 4PM : 9847373788 (English), 0487-3263930 (Malayalam)