You may like to avail these services from FIATMISSION.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER GROUP: To join the 24hrs intercessory prayers of 30mins daily.
Forward your convenient time; FIAT PYR TIME YOUR NAME to +919870801717

FIAT MAGAZINE (MALAYALAM) AND NEWLETTERS (ENGLISH): To get free FIAT Email edition and Newsletters please send sms: FIAT MAIL Your Email ID to +919870801717.

PRAYER REQUEST: We have 24hrs intercessory prayer warriors all over India. If you have any special intention(s) that you would like this warriors to pray for, kindly forward the intention(s) in the following format FIAT PYR YOUR NAME INTENTION to +919870801717.

Word of God To get word of God daily (free sms) please sms: FIAT SUB YOURNAME to +919870801717.


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