Millions of people in India do not have the WORD OF GOD in their mother tongue. The mission dioceses of India are faced with the herculean task of printing and distributing Bible in the local languages and dialects of India. FIATMISSION joins hands with Bishops to make available the bible in the languages and dialects of the people of India at affordable price or even distribute freely to the needy through Fiat Bible Printers.

We released our first Bible in January 2010. It was in Maram language of Imphal diocese, Manipur. Thereafter, we have published Bible in Karbi, Oriya, Hindi (New Testament and Whole Bible). The Bible is given at a highly subsidized rate i.e. only 1/3 (One third) of the actual cost of production. (The cost of production for a Hindi Whole Bible is Rs. 150, but it is given for Rs. 50), so we have subsidized Rs. 100 per Bible. We were inspired to subsidize the cost of the Bible as this will make the Word of God available even to the poorest of the poor. Financial constraints should not be the reason for the Word of God not reaching everyone in our country.

We have a commitment of releasing 20,000 copies of the Bible every month. Bible to be translated and published in Adi, Nishi, Wancho (Dialects - Arunachal Pradesh) Inchunkar, Pouchuri (dialects -Nagaland) Lizu (Burmese dialect), Garo (dialect-Meghalaya), Tangkhul (dialect-Manipur), Bundeli (dialect-Madhya Pradhesh), two African languages and more. This ministry aims to print and distribute the Holy Bible in non-publishing Indian languages, with the permission of the authority of Catholic Church. In this ministry there are 56 full timers.